Fulvio Gesmundo

Saarland University

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  1. Geometry of Tensors: Open problems and research directions,
    A report on the AGATES Kickoff Workshop (2023), Agates arXiv
  2. Algebraic Compressed Sensing, with P. Breiding, M. Michałek, N. Vannieuwenhoven,
    Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, vol. 65, pp.374-406 (2023) journal arXiv
  3. Degree-restricted strength decompositions and algebraic branching programs, with P. Ghosal, C. Ikenmeyer, V. Lysikov,
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  4. Dimension of Tensor Network Varieties, with A. Bernardi, C. De Lazzari,
    Communications in Contemporary Mathematics, (2022) journal arXiv code
  5. The Geometry of Discotopes, with C. Meroni,
    Le Matematiche, 77 (1), 143--171, (2022) journal arXiv
  6. Rank and border rank of Kronecker powers of tensors and Strassen's laser method with A. Conner, J. M. Landsberg, E. Ventura
    computational complexity, 31, 1, (2022) journal arXiv code
    ITCS 2020, Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics (LIPIcs), 151, 10:1--10:28 (2020) conference code
  7. Optimization at the boundary of the tensor network variety, with M. Christandl, D. Stilck-França, A. H. Werner,
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  8. The Degree of Stiefel Manifolds, with T. Brysiewicz,
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  9. Border rank non-additivity for higher order tensors, with M. Christandl, M. Michałek, J. Zuiddam,
    SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications, 42(2), 503–527 (2021) journal arXiv
  10. Geometric conditions for strict submultiplicativity of rank and border rank with E. Ballico, A. Bernardi, A. Oneto, E. Ventura
    Annali di Matematica Pura ed Applicata - vol. 200, 187--210 (2021) journal arXiv
  11. Towards a Geometric Approach to Strassen's Asymptotic Rank Conjecture with A. Conner, J. M. Landsberg, E. Ventura, Y. Wang
    Collectanea Mathematica - vol. 72, 63--86 (2021) journal arXiv
  12. SARS-CoV-2 transmission routes from genetic data: a Danish case study with A. Bluhm, M. Christandl, F. R. Klausen, L. Mančinska, V. Steffan, D. Stilck França, A. H. Werner
    PLOS ONE - (2020) journal bioRxiv
  13. Partially symmetric versions of Comon's problem via simultaneous rank with A. Oneto, E. Ventura
    SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications (SIMAX) 40(4), 1453--1477 (2019) journal arXiv
  14. Explicit polynomial sequences with maximal spaces of partial derivatives and a question of K. Mulmuley with J. M. Landsberg
    Theory of Computing 15(3), 1--24, (2019) journal arXiv
  15. Border rank is not multiplicative under the tensor product with M. Christandl, A. K. Jensen
    SIAM J. Appl. Alg. Geom (SIAGA), Vol. 3 (2), 231--255 (2019) journal arXiv
  16. On the partially symmetric rank of tensor product of W-states and other symmetric tensors with E. Ballico, A. Bernardi, M. Christandl
    Rendiconti Lincei di Matematica e Applicazioni, Vol. 30, issue 1, pp. 93--124 (2019) journal arXiv
  17. A note on the cactus rank for Segre-Veronese varieties with E. Ballico, A. Bernardi
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  18. Matrix Product States and the Quantum max-flow/min-cut conjectures with J. M. Landsberg, M. Walter
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  20. Geometric Aspects of Iterated Matrix Multiplication
    Journal of Algebra, Vol. 461, pp.42--64, (2016) journal arXiv
  21. Complexity of linear circuits and geometry J. Hauenstein, C. Ikenmeyer, J. M. Landsberg
    Foundations of Computational Mathematics (FOCM), Vol. 16 (3), 599--635, (2016) journal arXiv
  22. An asymptotic bound for secant varieties of Segre varieties
    Annali dell'Università di Ferrara, Vol. 59 (2), 285-302, (2013) journal arXiv


  1. Decompositions and Terracini loci of cubic forms of low rank, with L. Chiantini,
  2. Partial Degeneration of Tensors, with M. Christandl, V. Lysikov, V. Steffan,
  3. Quantum max-flow in the bridge graph, with V. Lysikov, V. Steffan,
  4. A Gap in the Subrank of Tensors, with M. Christandl, J. Zuiddam,
  5. De-bordering and Geometric Complexity Theory for Waring rank and related models, with P. Dutta, C. Ikenmeyer, G. Jindal, V. Lysikov,
  6. Tensors with maximal symmetries, with A. Conner, J. M. Landsberg, E. Ventura,

PhD Thesis:

Geometry and Representation Theory in the Study of Matrix Rigidity, Thesis, 2017.

Master's Thesis:

Tensori e Varietà Secanti, (in Italian) -- Thesis, 2012.